Have a drink, a bite, and an unforgettable experience. Together, we decide on the story you want to tell. Would you like the experience to be all about the food, or perhaps combine it with a DJ at night? It is your story we want to amplify. With light to complement the presentation of your dishes and sound to ensure a perfect ambience, your customers will receive the ultimate experience of your restaurant, café, club or hotel.


We all love our leisure time, our wish is to make it even better! From Glow-in-the Dark mini golf and cinemas to entire theme parks and sports arenas. We want your story to be told the right way, ranging from the sound of a stadium to entirely immersive environments.

Immersive Audio

Creating experiences is our expertise, let’s take it even further! We provide fully Immersive Audio, also known as 3D sound, on every location. This could be for a temporary exhibition or an installation for theme parks, attractions, cinemas, themed restaurants, etc. The sky is no limit! Together with our great team of sound-designers and with the content-magic of Audiocult composers, we can make anything happen. All around you, in 3D sound.


Start your entire show with a single click of a button. We love to combine audio, video, lights and motion all in one environment. Timecode-based products will work together harmoniously to make your show perfect. Dark rides and theme parks, tourist attractions and museums – they have all been working on these systems for years. Reliable showcontrol is key.

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