Our team strives to make every installation the best it can possibly be. In most cases, the placed equipment needs to be near invisible to the guest. With our eye for detail, we know how! Our team makes CAD drawings for every installation, from product placement to cable management and other infra-structures. The result? A neat and clean installation.


To support our existing customers that already work with Amate Audio and for temporary events, we have a rental division. This includes a great range of Amate Audio products suited for small to really large events. In the past years, we have positioned ourselves as a steady company that is able to run rental projects without any boundaries. Our rental productions are all based on the company’s philosophy, ‘immerse your audience’. With the same eye for detail as all other parts of the company.


Immersing your audience is our goal. We want to have your guests fall in love with your place or event Before we start our adventure together, we are here to advice you in the best possible way. We are skilled in noise prevention, making plans for light and sound, video advertisement, video-mapping, show control and immersive audio.


After all the time we put in your installation, another one of our priorities is to ensure the placed equipment continues to run at full capacity. The cleaning and checking of moving parts and parts that wear over time is essential for your equipment. It allows it to last for years, without any breakdowns. Our certified employees with years of experience will take care of it.

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